OB7 Cobot

OB7 Cobot

  • Made in the USA

  • 7 Axes rather than 6…eliminating blocking machine door and operator

  • Longer reach than that of other comparable models (1,000mm)

  • No programming necessary

  • Base CNC Package price < $40,000*

*The 7th axis gives OB7 ultimate flexibility and dexterity to reach around objects or obstacles. This eliminates having to position the OB7 in front of the machine’s door and blocking both the work area and the operator.  Each of OB7’s joints can rotate 360° in both directions allowing the cobot to work in more confined work spaces and areas.

What is an OB7 CNC Package?  Absolute & Productive Robotics have specifically designed a CNC package for machine tool end users and includes:

*OB7 CNC Package:

1. Robot Arm
2. Software
3. Control Tablet
4. Computer
5. Control Handle
6. Backup Power Supply
7. 1-Year Hardware Warranty
8. 1-Year Free Software Upgrades
9. Rolling Robot Stand
10. Robot Work/Assembly Table
11. PRI Parallel Gripper
12. 4″ Pneumatic Air Vise
13. CleanTech 160mm chip fan with 3/4 shank
14. General equipment interface with 8 outputs, 8 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs, 4 channel pneumatics with regulators (works interchangeably on mill & lathes)

*All of this for < $40,000!

The OB7 Cobot integrates quickly and seamlessly into your existing operations, easily adding new automation possibilities to your existing production lines or machines. The OB7 is simple to set up with minimal learning time. It can handle small or large batch jobs and works safely without guarding.  OB7 also reduces Bureau of Workers’ Compensation injury claims by helping to eliminate “continuous repetitive motions” that often affect employees.